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Food & Dining in Andorra

Restaurants in Andorra La Vella offer a wide range of information about the dining facilities in this ideal tourist destination of Andorra. The city accommodates a good number of restaurants with characteristic features of warm and cosy ambiance, cleanliness and cuisine with Spanish and French flavours. Restaurants in Andorra La Vella offer a complete list of the restaurants which will help the tourists and the locals alike.

The range of ethnic restaurants is growing by the month. At present, apart from traditional Catalan restaurants and those with a more international flavour, Andorra boasts restaurants serving Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, Basque, Indian, and Portuguese food and we seem to add a few new national cuisines every year.

Els dos Cacadors is a centrally located food avenue is well known for its Spanish style of cuisine and lovely interiors. It serves grilled meats prepared in the true colour of Mediterranean Spanish cuisine.

Restaurants in Andorra La Vella also include Pizza Hut, the international chain of fast foods. It is a delightful place for the visitors to fill their stomach with best quality of pizzas offered in the city. Pizzeria Angelo is the other place where excellent quality of pizzas is served in the city.

If you are trying to get a taste of the best local food, then El Bon Raco is the place for you. It offers food which range from old to new cuisines of the region.

Andorra la Vella also has a delightful Portuguese restaurant called L’Alzinaret. It is the only such restaurant in the whole country and serves very tasty Portuguese cuisines comprising of traditional and fast food.

Visitors can also have great dinner and lunch in the restaurants which are accommodated in almost all the hotels the city offers, as well as in the numerous bars and cafés.