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Pets to Bring into Andorra

Dogs, cats and ferrets should be identified with the ISO 15 digit microchip, which meets ISO standards 11784/11785. If the microchip does not comply with the ISO Standard 11784 or 11785, then the pet's owner must provide the means necessary for reading the microchip at the time of inspection.

The veterinary certificate should be in a format that can be easily checked by the authorities and should be in the official language of Andorra or in English.

Pets under 3 months of age may be allowed but there are additional restrictions and requirements.

At the time of entry, the owner or person responsible for the pet must be able to present the authorities responsible a pet passport or certificate certifying that the pet satisfies the requirements for entry into Andorra.

Where such checks show that the pet does not meet the requirements of these regulations, the authorities in consultation with the official vet must decide:

to return the pet to its country of origin; or

• to put it in quarantine for the time necessary for it to meet the health requirements at the expense of the owner or natural person responsible for it; or

• as a last resort put the pet down without financial compensation where its return or isolation in quarantine cannot be envisaged.